The Best Part of Being a Guitarist

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What is there not to like about playing the guitar? I enjoy all of it.  The feel of the strings and wood beneath my fingers, the sounds created, learning new music, all of it. Even so, perhaps the very best part of playing guitar is being with people at important times in their lives. Last […]


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After a lot of labor and patience, my first CD, “Soothing Guitar” has finally arrived. I had the initial run of 50 copies shipped to my office downtown. It arrived a day early and the good people at Discmakers even enclosed an extra 4 copies of it. The artwork came out just as we planned. […]

Yuma Center for Spiritual Living

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I was invited to play at the Yuma Center for Spiritual Living for their “Summer SOUL-STICE Relit” event on July 27, 2019. For those of you who know me, in my past I have had very toxic experiences with religion. This was not one of them. 🙂 Maurine and I were very warmly received by […]

The Lost Day

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  Have you ever had a day just taken away from you? Apart from playing guitar, I am a mental health counselor. I treat people with anxiety, depression, and other problems. I’m in private practice. This means I’m self-employed. I get to control my own schedule, right? Not always. Last week I learned that a […]

Naked on a Poetry Night

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For the past couple of years I have been providing music for an event called “Naked on a Poetry Night.” No, I don’t play the guitar in the nude. The event now happens every 3 months or so at the A&R Bar and Grill in Yuma, AZ. The next one is on August 10, 2019. […]

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