Kevin Benbow is a classical guitarist who resides in Yuma, Arizona with his wife Maurine.

He became curious about the guitar around age 7, and took guitar classes in school.  Like other kids who played guitar in the 80s, he wanted to be a rock star.  Life had other plans.

The United States Air Force sent Kevin and his family to Okinawa, Japan.  It was here that he first heard the Mazurka Choro performed by the guitarist, Eddie Terry.  The soulful cry of that melody left such an impression upon Kevin that he felt compelled to learn to play this genre of music.

Kevin left the Air Force after five years and went to college in Jacksonville, FL to train for the ministry.  After graduation, he and Maurine, along with their five children, were appointed as missionaries. They spent 31 months traveling the United States to raise funds to underwrite their proposed ministry in Chile.

In Chile, Kevin studied guitar with Gonzalo Cornejo at the “Casa de la Cultura” in Rancagua.  This cultural center is housed in a historic farmhouse originally used by General Bernardo O’Higgins to plan Chilean independence from Spain.  It is rumored that on some nights one of the pianos can be heard playing by itself!

After growing away from his denominations’ extremely rigid positions on music, dress, and other lifestyle choices, Kevin and his family left Chile and returned to their home state of Arizona.  He was able to finish a Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling and is now a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in the State of Arizona.  He has been in private practice in Yuma for 10 years.

In Arizona he studied guitar via Skype with Dr. Eduardo Minozzi Costa for about 7 years.  Eduardo is an absolute master of the instrument and a highly gifted teacher.  His teaching increased Kevin’s passion for the instrument.  Eduardo encouraged Kevin to play publicly in order to gain experience performing.

With the support and encouragement of Maurine, Kevin began providing music for various charitable causes, private parties, corporate events, funeral services, and of course, for family and friends.  As of this writing he has almost completed the recording work for his first album which will be available in both digital and CD format.

Maurine, whom he met when he was 15, is an employee of Yuma County and is his biggest supporter.  She accompanies him to just about all of his gigs and can usually be found helping set up the sound system, manning the video camera, or simply crocheting during the performance.  One restaurant owner said that she was the “Cutest roadie” he had ever seen.

Kevin’s five children have various interests.  Two of them are full-time artists and one is an employee of the Postal Service.  Another majored in Accounting in college and works in that field while her sister is a personal trainer and body builder.  Three of them have served in the military.  He is proud of all of them.

They have collectively given him and Maurine six grandchildren.