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“You will find here Kevin’s interpretation of many classics in a very expressive manner. It will be a pleasurable listening experience for all of us.” – Eduardo Minozzi Costa



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Kevin Benbow plays solo, acoustic guitar. His warm, expressive playing creates a calm, serene atmosphere.  He has been performing for years at various private and public events in Yuma County.  People have told him at different times that his playing is “soothing.”

The pieces selected for this album were composed by all-time guitar legends Francisco Tarrega (Spain), Maximo Diego Pujol (Argentina), Hector Villa Lobos (Brazil), and others. They are purposefully arranged to give the listener a sonic tour that begins in Spain, goes to South America, and ends in the United States.

This music is perfect for unwinding after a hard day’s work, to set the mood at your next gathering of friends, or to help you get through a long commute.

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