“His playing is always beautiful and calming.”

Listen to what others are saying about Kevin Benbow!

“You will find here Kevin’s interpretation of many classics in a very expressive manner. It will be a pleasurable listening experience for all of us.”-Dr.  Eduardo Minozzi Costa, Tucson, AZ.
“Kevin plays beautiful, soulful music like a master! He loves the instrument and the music and combines them magically. I feel blessed every time I am fortunate enough to hear him play.” – Terri Capozzi, Yuma, AZ
“Kevin is a masterful guitarist. . . . Come watch him play! You’ll never be disappointed.” – Genneah Berrian, Yuma, AZ.



Kevin Benbow began playing guitar at age 7. He has a “soft touch” on the Spanish style, classical guitar that makes the instrument sing. His playing ads a “touch of class” to any event or venue fortunate enough to book him. When Kevin performs, people often have their eyes closed. They are being transported to a calm, peaceful place . . . . away from the daily routine. So many listeners have described his playing as “soothing” that he named his first album “Soothing Guitar.”

The tracks on this CD were recorded live. While they are professionally mastered, there is no “editing” of tracks. It is like you are right in the same room with Kevin as he plays.

For a limited time Kevin is giving away two pieces from his soon to be released CD “Soothing Guitar.”  When you enter your name and e-mail address you will immediately receive access to two classics: The Mazurka Choro and El Testament D’Amalia.

Enter your name and e-mail address, get your i-pod or other listening device, and listen to these two beautiful, soothing pieces of music today.