The Lost Day

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  Have you ever had a day just taken away from you? Apart from playing guitar, I am a mental health counselor. I treat people with anxiety, depression, and other problems. I’m in private practice. This means I’m self-employed. I get to control my own schedule, right? Not always. Last week I learned that a […]

Naked on a Poetry Night

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For the past couple of years I have been providing music for an event called “Naked on a Poetry Night.” No, I don’t play the guitar in the nude. The event now happens every 3 months or so at the A&R Bar and Grill in Yuma, AZ. The next one is on August 10, 2019. […]

My Biggest Fan

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A couple of weeks ago I received the final version of the files for my CD, Soothing Guitar. Eduardo Costa mastered it for me and did a fantastic job. He encouraged me to create an audio CD from the files he sent me. The idea was to listen to the tracks from an actual CD […]

Something Different

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Classical and fingerstyle music is always a challenge to learn on the guitar. Even the “easy” pieces are difficult. I love the challenge of learning new music. Reviewing the score, finding the right fingerings, getting it into memory, and then the endless repetition all lead to the reward of something beautiful. Every now and then […]


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It’s no secret that I have been busy lately. Being a “do it yourself” musician is a lot of work. It’s easy to become consumed with the idea of “success.” Perfectionism is the enemy. It makes it easy to procrastinate. I find myself changing my mind over and over again about what to put on […]

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