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It’s no secret that I have been busy lately. Being a “do it yourself” musician is a lot of work.

It’s easy to become consumed with the idea of “success.” Perfectionism is the enemy. It makes it easy to procrastinate.

I find myself changing my mind over and over again about what to put on the CD. . . .what the cover will look like, etc.

When I like something, I become obsessed. I find myself becoming completely engrossed. When I began learning Spanish in High-School, for example, it just seemed normal to me that I should strive to become fluent in it.

And I did.

I am a perfectionist about things that are important to me. Other things, not so much!

The problem is that NOTHING is ever perfect. My Spanish is not perfect. Heck, my English is not perfect!

It makes sense that my playing is not perfect either.

When I play music I am never 100% satisfied. This can get depressing. It can also get discouraging.

So last night I took about an hour and told myself I would just play. No practice, no striving. Just playing for the sake of playing.

And so it went for about an hour or so.

I felt myself connect with the guitar and with the music. I felt freer to move with the music. I was happier with how the how music sounded. I felt great afterward.

After it was over I wished I had recorded it! 😉

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