Something Different

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Classical and fingerstyle music is always a challenge to learn on the guitar. Even the “easy” pieces are difficult.

I love the challenge of learning new music. Reviewing the score, finding the right fingerings, getting it into memory, and then the endless repetition all lead to the reward of something beautiful.

Every now and then I like to do something different.

My good friend Geneah (pictured above) has a very lovely singing voice. She approached me with the idea of accompanying her with some of her favorite songs.

I gotta say that it was a great change of pace to work on some contemporary music. Playing accompaniment while Geneah unleashes that honey voice of hers was a great pleasure.

The Sunday following this practice session we performed a number by Adele for the residents of a local assisted living center.

There will probably be an event coming up in the near future. Stay tuned!


  • Pat Roe says:

    Geneah is Super Woman in my book. Had no idea she sings, too. Would love to hear the two of you sometime.

  • Kevin Benbow says:

    Hi Pat:

    We are hoping to get something together in the near future. To stay in the loop, you can join my e-mail list. The fastest way to do that is to request the free downloads under the big arrow on this page.

    If you don’t want the downloads, just use FB messenger to send me your address and I’ll add you to the list by hand.

    Be well!!

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