The Best Part of Being a Guitarist

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What is there not to like about playing the guitar?

I enjoy all of it.  The feel of the strings and wood beneath my fingers, the sounds created, learning new music, all of it.

Even so, perhaps the very best part of playing guitar is being with people at important times in their lives.

Last weekend I was privileged to play at the wedding of Alex Fazz and Amanda Kriegbaum.  Being able to help create a beautiful atmosphere for the ceremony was a real pleasure.  The bride and groom obviously love each other.

My regular gig at the North End Coffeehouse is another time I really enjoy playing the guitar.  There are regular people who are there when I play on Saturday mornings.  There are also a great deal of people there I have never met before.  Some pass through getting their favorite drink while others sit and enjoy a relaxing Saturday morning.

I get a kick out of the kids that just stop and stare at me when I’m playing.  Some of them are about the same age I was when I first picked up the guitar.

I just love being a part of all that.

Hope to see you soon.


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