The Lost Day

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Have you ever had a day just taken away from you?

Apart from playing guitar, I am a mental health counselor. I treat people with anxiety, depression, and other problems. I’m in private practice.

This means I’m self-employed. I get to control my own schedule, right?

Not always.

Last week I learned that a new tenant was moving in right above me. No problem. I have had lots of other tenants up there over the years.

Then a contractor called me.

He was letting me know that he needed access to my office to reach the pipes in my ceiling for the new tenant. He wanted to know when the best time would be for me to let him in.

Here’s the problem: I can’t allow other people in my office when I am not in there. I have sensitive information that I cannot let be compromised. A night vision camera is on when I am not in to watch and record any potential intruders.

So, I had to be there..

There is no way around it.

And, I obviously cannot see clients during that time. The time is just lost.

Usually I work at home on Tuesday mornings. While I practice every morning, Tuesday morning is a time dedicated to music or some other aspect of the music business.

It is also the only time that there are no clients in my office.

So, when Tuesday came I brought my guitar to the office and sat in one of the chairs while the plumbers did their thing. I was going to practice after they finished. I would have plenty of time!! 

So, right after lunch I put everything back in order in the office.

Then, I had computer problems that tied me up for another hour. Before I knew it, I had no time left at all before my first client was scheduled to come in.

Practicing is something I really enjoy doing. It takes effort, but it is very rewarding. I was really disappointed.

Tomorrow is another day and it is certainly not the end of the world when I can’t practice. Some things in life are just unavoidable.

We live with the disappointment. The music keeps us sane.

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  • Maurine Benbow says:

    And of course the plumber/contractor took twice as long as promised (Murphy’s Law). Dadgummit!

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